Years 7 and 8

Prepared every step of the way

In the senior school, boys are split into classes of no more than twelve. Offering individual attention and encouragement to take more responsibility for themselves and those around them. Opportunities are available to work with younger boys as form prefects. Taking on positions of responsibility and leading from the front in Patrol (House) competitions gives boys confidence and a sense of pride.

In their final few weeks of year 8, the boys get the opportunity to go away on an activity week with each other. This is an opportunity to celebrate their time together and all that they have achieved. They also take part in several fun activities as part of their leavers programme.

Whatever the challenge, I will be ready

Throughout their time at St Martin’s, boys are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. They leave the school as well-equipped, collaborative learners, with an excellent work ethic and ready for the next stage of their education.

We turn promising young boys into responsible, caring young men with a taste for success and personal achievement.