Governors & Staff

  • Board of Governors

    Mr A Harris (Chairman)
    Mr K Desai
    Mr S Everson (Headmaster of Merchant Taylors’)
    Mr N Hinds
    Mr K Kothari
    Mrs P Mastin
    Mrs M Merali (EYFS Governor)
    Dr A Munro
    Mr J Odofin
    Mrs P Patel
    Mr J Richards
    Dr B Williams (Safeguarding Governor)

  • Leadership Team

    Mr S Dunn BEd (Hons)

    Assistant Head (Academic)
    Mr C Stevens BEd (Hons)

    Assistant Head (Head of Pre Prep)
    Mr R Steward BA Hons PGCE

    Assistant Head (Organisation & Compliance)
    Mrs S Murray BEd (Hons)

    Assistant Head (Pastoral)
    Mrs C Oliver BA (Hons) PGCE SQH

    Mrs A Curran BA (Hons) ACCA

  • Main School Teaching Staff

    Mrs L Atkins BA (Hons) PGCE
    Ms O Bastien Licence en Langues PGCE (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)
    Mr M Bell* BA (Hons) QTS (Head of Seniors & Director of Sport)
    Miss E Benson
    Miss S Browne NVQ Level 3
    Mrs A Butler-Cox MDes PGCE (Head of Art and DTE)
    Miss G Camia  SEQ Level 2
    Dr K Chaidou BA (Hons) MA Phd QTS (Head of Classics)
    Mrs Z Cregor MA BEd (Hons) (Head of Humanities)
    Miss M Davis* BA (Hons) QTS (Head of Learning Support – SENCO)
    Miss S Davis BA (Hons) PGCE
    Mrs K Dunn BA, PGCE, AMBDA
    Mr J Fogarty BMus
    Mr J Fussey* BMus LRAM QTS (Head of Middles and Director of Music)
    Mrs P Gerrard BA Ed (Hons)
    Miss J Gibson BA (Hons) QTS
    Miss E Giles BA (Hons) PGDE
    Mrs S Goldstein-Opasiak  BA (Hons) Med. PGCE
    Mr R Hull BA (Hons) PGCE QTS (Head of Maths)
    Mr B Kenny* BEd (Hons) (Director of Digital Strategy)
    Mr R Koya*  BSc PGCE (Director of Activities and EVC)
    Mrs A Leitao ASA Level 2
    Mr T McGee BSc (Hons) PGCE
    Ms S McWilliam GLCM (Hons) PGCE
    Mrs L Moneypenny BA(Hons) QTS
    Ms J Noble BA (Hons) PGCE
    Mrs N Oldroyd Elliott BEd (Hons)
    Mr J Pawson BA (Hons) PGCE
    Mr F Rahman MSc PGCE (Head of Science)
    Mrs M Raithatha BSc (Hons) PGCE
    Mrs F Roberts MA BA (Hons) QTS (Head of Life Studies)
    Mr A Rugoobur MSc Maths, BSc Mathematical Sciences, PGDE, QTS
    Miss J Seal BA(Hons) PGCE
    Miss T Sharpe BA (Hons) BEd (Head of English)
    Mr C Ward BA (Hons) QTS
    Mrs S Williams* BA (Hons) QTS (Head of Juniors)

  • Nursery & Pre-Prep Teaching Staff

    Miss J Anderson BA LTCL DipPP
    Mrs A Arnold NVQ Level 3
    Miss K Blezard HLTA BTEC Level 3
    Mrs E Crook NVQ Level 3
    Mrs R Dattani BA (Hons) PGCE
    Miss G Dowse NVQ Level 3
    Mrs E Foreman NVQ Level 3
    Mrs R Kaur NVQ Level 3
    Mrs P Lodhia NVQ Level 3
    Mrs J Mclaughlin FdA Early Years
    Miss R Moran NVQ Level 3
    Miss C Pearson* BA (Hons) QTS (Deputy Head of Pre Prep)
    Mrs N Rikhi BA (Hons) QTS)
    Mrs D Vaja NVQ Level 3
    Miss C Walsh BA (Hons) PGCE
    Miss S Watkins BA (Hons) QTS
    Miss H Williams NVQ Level 3
    Mrs E Wood BA (Hons) QTS
    Mrs B Yousef NVQ Level 3

    (* Member of Management Team)

  • Wraparound Care

    Mrs A Arnold (Manager)
    Miss S Browne
    Mrs E Crook
    Mrs Z Jaffer
    Mrs P Modha
    Mrs N Prasad
    Mrs D Vaja
    Miss H Williams

  • Visiting Music Staff

    Mr W Alexander Dip TCL (Classical/Electric Guitar)
    Mrs R Bucknall LTCL FTCL GTCL (Hons) (Keyboard, Piano & Lower Strings)
    Mr S Byron BMus (Brass)
    Miss K Cormican GTCL PDOT (Upper Strings)
    Mr I Chamberlain LRAM (Woodwind)
    Miss R Fulgoni BMus (Upper Strings)
    Mr N Martin (Drumkit)
    Mr M Singleton BMus FRCO PGCE (Piano)
    Mr D Saunderson GGSM (Singing)
    Mrs Y Vinden BMus Adv Dip (Piano)

  • Pupil and Staff Wellbeing

    Mrs C Oliver BA (Hons) PGCE SQH, Assistant Head (Pastoral)
    Mrs E Rawson-Jones MBPsS, ADHP (NC), BACP (Counsellor)
    Mrs M Solanki (First Aider)
    Miss D Anderson (First Aider)

  • Support Staff

    Mrs S Barber (Finance Assistant and School Secretary)
    Mr A Budhram (IT Technician)
    Mr J Crewe (Estates and Facilities Manager)
    Mrs L D’Urso (Office Manager)
    Mr S Hafiz (Head of Maintenance)
    Mr A Hill (Assistant Groundsman)
    Mr R James (IT Manager)
    Miss N Lakhani (Assistant Bursar)
    Mr A McIntosh (Head Groundsman)
    Mrs P Pandya (Music Administration and Reception)
    Mrs A Patel (Digital Media and Marketing Assistant)
    Mrs G Robson (Headmaster’s PA and Registrar)
    Mr C St John (Junior Groundsman)
    Mr D Welch (Resident Caretaker)

  • Catering Staff

    Ms J Cooper (Head Caterer)
    Mrs M Brogan
    Mrs M Conlon
    Mrs M Garlick
    Miss A O’Donnell
    Mrs K Maksymchuk
    Mrs I Ramas
    Mrs S Ravi
    Miss M Whiteside
    Miss K Wojewnik

  • Lunchtime Supervisors

    Miss D Anderson
    Ms V Halligan
    Mrs S Mohamed Mauroof
    Mrs A Pjetrushaj
    Mrs C Ranabahu
    Mrs L Sharma