Why Choose St Martin’s?

St Martin’s School is situated in a region with many accomplished schools, so why select us?

Our parents often tell us the reasons why they are opting for St Martin’s over other prep schools in the area. Here are just a few.


  • We are truly independent

    At St. Martin’s, we’re proudly independent, not tied to any senior school. This enables us to focus on your son’s individual needs, and ensure we guide them to a school where success isn’t just achieved but where they truly thrive.

  • We have excellent results

    Our academic results consistently excel locally both in terms of passes and in gaining scholarships. This success, however, is not at the expense of a balanced and happy time at school.

  • We provide a caring and compassionate family atmosphere

    We create a nurturing atmosphere that enables our boys to thrive. They become confident and happy boys who possess the skills necessary to succeed in life.

  • We have extensive modern facilities

    Nature-based play and learning is an invaluable way to develop a child’s confidence, self-esteem, and independence. We are incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful grounds and a private Nature Reserve in which we have a natural pond, bug hotels and story-telling area. It instils a natural respect for the environment, a connection, and love for outdoor learning. Children develop a desire to explore and a willingness to take risks and learn new skills. Activities like hunting for bugs and identifying leaves are a firm favourite with our pre-prep children, developing an untold number of life skills along the way.

    Swimming is such an important life skill, and it is taught to all the boys from Nursery upwards in our 15m indoor pool. We also offer additional training clubs and team practices, allowing our boys the exciting opportunity to compete in galas against local schools. Many of our boys go on to compete at local and county level.

    Our approach to learning is innovative, using the latest technology platforms to make a real difference in the pupils experiences. The school has invested significantly in technology, to provide the boys with an encouraging, inspiring learning environment. We are fortunate to be able to provide the boys with dedicated iPads, in addition to three computer suites (ICT, DTE and a Music suite with iMacs), 3D printers, a laser cutter and a full class set of programmable robots, developing independent study skills and an autonomous approach.

    St Martin’s is lucky to offer our boys a six rope indoor climbing wall. An excellent activity for developing concentration skills, teamwork and self-confidence. By Year 8 your child will have achieved a National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme certificate, be able to tie themselves into a harness and successfully belay another child up and down the wall!

  • We offer a varied co-curricular programme and wraparound care

    We offer wraparound care from 7.30am to 6pm for all our children, whatever their age to help our working parents. We also have an extensive co-curricular programme that runs from 3.15pm to 6.00pm, with the option of a meal at 5.00pm. If you need a later collection, children can carry on enjoying their time at school and can be collected at any time up to 6pm.

    We encourage a balanced and varied curriculum. With over 60 clubs and activities to choose from, there is always something new for the children to learn. During their extended day, from year 3 the boys can also complete their reading and homework, supported by teachers, so parents are free to enjoy quality family time at home, not having to refresh their numeracy skills. We believe a fun and engaging environment for the boys ensures a balanced approach to work and learning.