We live in a diverse, inspiring, and ever-changing world. At St Martins, we are passionate about how the world works and its impact on its structure and its people over time. Teachers in the Humanities department are committed to teach the skills which will encourage the boys to ask questions, dig deeper, analyse information, and look between the lines in order that they then have their own informed ideas and have the confidence and ability to defend their opinion.

Geography at St Martin’s School aims to help students engage with a range of topics linked with both physical geography (the world around us), and human geography (reasons for living where we do and why). We engage with a range of environments at local, national, and international scales that help boys to forge a complex understanding of their own and other peoples’ places in the world.

The History curriculum focuses on events that have had an impact on others, as well what has happened to affect us through the study of both world and national History. The boys are encouraged to develop many skills during their lessons including source analysis, empathy, constructing arguments and effective writing.

Religious Studies is a relevant, engaging, and challenging subject that enables students’ valuable insights into the diverse beliefs, ethics, and opinions of others. The subject helps with the personal development of students, supporting engagement with the spiritual, moral, social and questions that can surface in their lives and communities.

Teaching the subjects separately enables teachers to share their interests and experiences with the pupils’ using various modern technology tools. There are many opportunities though, to get out of the classroom, whether it is to investigate river flow at field study centres and exploring historical sites or religious places of worship. Participation in national competitions such as the Townsend Warner Prize occurs allowing pupils to develop their interests in Humanities related issues.

"Geography has made us neighbours, History has made us friends"
John F Kennedy