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Academic Achievement

We are very aware of the academic pressures that exist within the local area and the nature of the senior schools’ admissions processes.  We also know how important it is that each boy achieves what they are capable of in order to have the widest choices of schools available to them. St. Martin’s is not tied to any particular Senior School and we have a long-standing reputation for achieving some of the best results in the area. Merchant Taylors’ School remains a firm favourite as it is so close to us and is a top performing school. Our most recent results saw 31 boys offered a place and seven academic scholarships awarded to this one school, which is something of a record for us. However, our boys achieve places at a much wider range of schools than this as we want every boy to achieve a place at the school that is right for them. All children are different and the optimum school will depend on a number of different factors. We are here to guide you through this process, keeping the individuality and needs of your son at the centre of what we do.

Our high academic standards are maintained by excellent teaching by subject specialists, small class and set sizes and a curriculum that is engaging and meets the needs of today’s young people. Effective use of technology to assist learning, and as a discipline in its own right, ensures that what we do is up to date and relevant to the skill set needed to be successful in the world that the boys are growing up in.

Many of our boys are successful in extending their studies in academic subjects and their own interests and gain scholarships to their next school. Scholarships are not just about the honour that goes with such an award, they are evidence of the boys’ thirst for learning and desire to make most of the opportunities presented and the skills that they have.

We are proud of the achievements of all of our boys. For some, this means gaining a place at one of the highly selective top academic schools in the country. For others, their goals may be different, and it is so important to match the school to the child. All our boys receive the same care and attention in order for them to achieve their potential and we always succeed in placing our boys at excellent schools at which they can thrive and flourish in the next stage of their education.

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