Maths and English


Mathematics is truly cross-curricular; it is simultaneously an art, a science, and a universal language. Here at St. Martin’s, pupils are taught to move beyond merely being calculators and are guided in developing the skill of analytical problem-solving, which is the hallmark of a mathematician and essential in our modern, complex world.

The curriculum aims to balance the need for rigorous methodology to develop fluency in the fundamentals through individual work and practice, with rich and varied experiences. There is ample opportunity for all to be stretched and challenged, with pupils having the chance to take part in national competitions, starting with the First Mathematical Challenge in Year 4 and culminating in the prestigious Junior Maths Olympiad in Year 8.

In Year 8, the boys are free from external exam pressure, allowing for a wide-ranging curriculum that explores the many practical applications of mathematics. In the spring term, pupils apply their skills to Cryptography (paired with a trip to Bletchley Park). In the summer, their enterprise project enables them to work in teams and use skills from English, DTE, and computing, in addition to maths, to plan, set up, and run the Summer Fayre, with all proceeds going to charity. They finish the year by studying the applications of maths to the world of finance with a three-week economics course, where they explore issues, including the cost of living crisis, why some countries are richer than others, and why we can’t just give everyone a million pounds.

Our commitment to providing a broad and practical mathematical education sets the stage for our students to excel academically and thrive in their senior schools and beyond.



At St Martin’s School, the study of English is an exciting adventure for students. The curriculum is diverse and covers a wide range of topics, from literature to film to persuasive speaking, ensuring that students are exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledge. The school’s specialist practitioners are dedicated to helping students develop their reading, writing, and speaking skills, giving them the tools they need to navigate the rapidly changing world around them.

The school places a strong emphasis on fostering creativity and individuality, recognising that these qualities are essential for success both in the English classroom and beyond. Students are given ample opportunities to express themselves and hone their creative skills in a variety of forms.

The classes are taught by highly qualified English specialists who care deeply about building strong relationships with their students. They provide detailed feedback and encourage active learning, helping students to think critically about the world around them and to question the information they encounter.

Overall, St Martin’s School is a fantastic place for students to develop their English skills and explore their creativity. With a vibrant and engaging curriculum, dedicated teachers, and a commitment to individuality and critical thinking, students are well-equipped to succeed in any endeavour they choose to pursue.

"The important thing is to
never stop questioning"
Albert Einstein