Creative Arts


St Martin’s has a distinguished art department which challenges and stimulates the inner artists within our boys.  The curriculum provides a solid foundation within the arts, as well as linking with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).  The boys have access to a kiln for beautiful clay work as well as other 3D mediums, and a wide range of 2D media such as drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and collage.  The boys investigate an extensive range of artists as inspiration, develop observational drawing skills, explore different media, refine their ideas and create final outcomes for many stimulating projects.  St Martin’s follows the same structure as is required for GCSE and A-level, therefore allowing students to smoothly transition and further explore the arts after life at St Martin’s.  In year 7, the boys who have a burning passion for art can apply to the highly coveted Art Scholar position.  Being an Art Scholar in year 7 and 8, allows the boys to develop their artistic practice, refine their skills and promotes personal achievement beyond the classroom.  Our boys are creative, independent, take risks and are proud of their artwork.


Drama is a distinct subject on the timetable from Year Three upwards. The process leading up to a theatre performance includes: collaboration; problem-solving; developing creativity and innovation; evaluating and refining performance techniques; focusing on, and committing to a performance.  It is as important as the final production; some would argue more so.

This drama process engenders resilience, determination, and dedication. It also builds confidence and develops higher-order thinking skills. All boys take part in a performance in all year groups where they learn techniques such as tableaux, instant and rehearsed improvisation, hot-seating and non-naturalistic drama. Performances take place during the year in the Woodroffe Hall, which doubles as a fully-equipped theatre. In Years 6 to 8, these take the form of musical theatre productions.


Music at St Martin’s goes beyond the classroom – it is quite simply a way of life. The Music Department is a family away from home that breeds confidence, curiosity, empathy and social skills where everyone is accepted, and excellence is encouraged. With over half the boys learning instruments at St Martin’s, musical performance is a creative and fun outlet for the boys to collaborate in one of 14 unique, weekly ensembles with specialist teachers, choirs and bands that can be heard in the state-of-the-art Woodroffe Centre from 8am every morning until the last notes by the Symphony Orchestra on a Friday afternoon.

“My involvement in performance and theatre has not just made me more confident, it has helped me to better understand myself and the world around me. It has given me the opportunity to shine and wings to fly!”
Year 8 Drama Scholar