Years 3 and 4

Juniors – Developing a love for learning

In years Three and Four, the momentum continues to gather academically. Greater independence is expected from the boys, and they benefit from increased specialist teaching in areas such as DTE, Art, Music, Computing and Sport. They will still spend the majority of their time with their class teacher, and this provides a secure base for them both pastorally and academically. The curriculum aims to be relevant and challenging but recognising the individual differences of the boys. Much of their learning is grouped into six distinct ‘topics’ during the year and this is an engaging way to capture their imagination and curiosity. Each topic may well have a workshop, day trip or other ‘wow’ experience. This way of learning also allows the boys to develop their own skills of independent learning and project work. Later on in Year Three, the boys have their first chance to attend an overnight residential. This is a key moment in their development and is also great fun for them. This is continued in Year Four with two nights at an activity centre. Access to extra-curricular clubs is widened, and the boys will participate in their first sports fixtures.