Lunch at St Martin’s

Healthy Eating

At St Martin’s we take pride in our in-house catering team who are devoted to providing nutritious meals for our boys.

To cater to our Nursery and Reception boys, we have set up a dedicated dining room. For Year 1 and above, lunch sessions are held in the main dining room before the children head outdoors for playtime.

For Pre-Prep boys who stay for after-school care, tea is provided after 4:30 pm. Late Stay Club students in Years 3-8 can pre-book their tea through our Schools Buddy portal, which is served at the dining room from 5:00 pm.

We prioritise the safety and health of our students with dietary restrictions and allergies. Our Catering Manager collaborates closely with families and staff to ensure that each student is catered to appropriately during their time at St. Martin’s.