Our Values

Our Values

At St. Martin’s we are a school which is led by its values. Above all else, we value your son and ensuring that he has the best educational opportunities during their time with us is of the highest priority.

At St. Martin's we value

  • Happiness

    The wellbeing of all at our school is a key priority for us. Happy children learn effectively and good mental health equips the boys for life as they grow older.

  • Success

    We want our boys to experience success in a wide range of activities. Academic success is important, but there are so many other opportunities for your son to enjoy. These build self-confidence and enable pupils to tackle new challenges and experiences.

  • Opportunity

    There is so much of our pupils’ story that is yet unwritten, and it is our purpose to offer as many opportunities as possible. As you see your son grow, he will learn to take full advantage of all that the school offers.

  • Hard Work

    We value effort in all its forms. The effort that your son puts into all aspects of his time at school makes such a difference to the outcomes that he enjoys. Put simply we believe in working hard and playing hard.

  • Each Other

    The school has a strong sense of community and can be seen as a large family. The older members of the family are encouraged to interact with the younger boys and relationships between staff and pupils are warm and respectful. This extends to our parent body who are actively encouraged to be involved in school life.