Years 5 and 6

Middles – Developing independent and motivated learners

Moving into Year Five, the boys adapt to a more subject specialist approach to teaching. They continue to enjoy excellent pastoral care in their classes but have the benefit of small sets and specialist teaching in key curriculum areas. There has to be careful balance between the need to prepare for examinations in Year Six and ensuring that the boys continue to develop a well-rounded approach to their learning and avail themselves of the many opportunities that are open to them. The boys are expected to be more independent at this point; they navigate themselves around the school and are encouraged to organise themselves effectively to maximise their learning. Opportunities for co-curricular involvement abound and there are at least two substantial residential trips open to them. Every boy will have the opportunity to play for a school team, be involved in a drama production and participate in a music ensemble. Our continued high success rates in effectively preparing boys for their senior schools, is not achieved at the expense of a happy and stimulating educational experience.