Headmaster’s Welcome

Simon Dunn

Choosing a school for your son is one of the most important decisions you will make. At St Martin’s preparing our boys for all that lies ahead in life is a responsibility we are honoured to have.

When I speak to parents, most will say they want them to be happy and to achieve what they are capable of. At St Martin’s these two aspirations go hand in hand; we know if your son feels happy and secure in their school environment, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Preparing your child for their next school is important but what we do spans so much further than that. Our distinctive approach nurtures and develops well-rounded individuals to thrive not just academically but in all areas of life. We encourage our boys to be curious and full of life, learning to make mistakes and grow from them. We expect them to be challenged and encouraged in a supportive and enabling environment which instils confidence, resilience, and independence. These are key life skills and sit alongside our academic, creative, and sporting offering.

Walking around the school there is a lively and purposeful atmosphere. The boys are immensely proud of their school and keen to share it with others. We offer the widest range of opportunities for your son to find out what really interests and motivates them. We offer the balance of a stimulating academic curriculum complemented by a comprehensive co-curricular offering and excellent facilities for the creative arts and sports.

If you want your son to be better prepared for what comes next in an environment where they feel challenged yet supported; encouraged not pressured and above all happy and fulfilled, we would be delighted to share this with you and for your son to benefit from all we have to offer.

"Pupils have excellent levels of self-confidence and empathy, avoiding any suggestions of arrogance. They are resilient and highly reflective, with a clear awareness that the decisions they make will directly affect their success. They are tolerant and supportive of each other, valuing the range of backgrounds and beliefs that make up the school community."
ISI Report 2022