Years 3 to 6

Increasing academic momentum

Year 3 and 4 boys benefit from working in smaller classes, allowing a greater focus on the individual. Learning encompasses a wider range of subjects and skills, mainly form based with specialist teachers for some.

As they progress into Year 5, pupils gain greater independence and take responsibility for personal organisation. Specialist subject teachers provide the academic rigour to meet the extra challenges of the Entrance and Scholarship examinations.

Reaching for success

St Martin’s pupils have achieved great success, gaining outstanding scholarships and places at prestigious senior schools. This reflects the dedicated commitment of teachers and pupils alike. Our boys are welcomed into their new environment where they uphold the St Martin’s reputation as well-educated, socially adept and rounded citizens.

In the senior year groups our pupils gain experience of holding positions of responsibility. They may be chosen for leading roles in the sports team, musical activities or the school play.

Opportunity to flourish

The vibrant curriculum is enriched by a range of clubs, educational trips and residential visits.