Man is a singular creature. He has a set of gifts which make him unique among animals, so that, he is not a figure in the landscape. In body and in mind he is the explorer of nature, the ubiquitous animal, who did not just find but made his home in every continent.

[Ascent of Man, Dr. Jacob Brownoski,; 1973]

Scientific endeavour has benefited humanity in various areas such as engineering, energy supply and communication. In addition, biotechnology space travel and artificial intelligence have become increasingly important to the modern world.

At St. Martin’s the principle aims is to show our boys that science is all about them, in the working of their bodies in everyday objects and phenomena and in the wider Universe of which we are but a small part.

Science is concerned not only with the acquisition of knowledge but equally with the ability to apply that knowledge through the systematic and vigorous investigation of ideas and propositions. As a consequence, the ‘hands-on experience’ forms an integral part of our teaching. By so doing, boys regularly experience the emotions of awe, mystery and fun! Boys remember and enjoy practical activities and this promotes interest and understanding in the subject.

The academic demands for Senior School entry requires a thorough grounding in the 13+ ISEB syllabus. There are a number of strategies used to assess the quality and depth of boys knowledge. Regular homework forms the backbone for ongoing assessment. This is further enhanced with class tests. More detailed examinations occur twice a year for boys in Years 5-8. Junior School boys do not sit formal examinations but regularly do end of unit tests throughout the year.