Our overall aim is to make the study of Modern Languages at St Martin’s an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all pupils whatever their ability.

Our Modern Language rooms contain interactive Smartboards and other equipment all designed at making communicating in another language natural and relevant.

Pupils are encouraged to apply their knowledge to real life situations beyond the classroom. Day trips and residential trips to France, a French Day and an evening of French plays also bring language learning to life. After school activities such as the Arsenal Double Club and a Boules Club are popular and encourage the use of languages in every day situations. Visits from a French Theatre Company or to the French Institute in London to watch a film all help to reinforce the language that boys learn in the classroom.

Teaching is based on the four key skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Lessons contain a wide variety of activities, including role-play and video recording. Our pupils enter competitions such as the ML Spelling Bee and the Lingua Trivia quiz and thrive on the buzz of competing with their peers. Lessons also have a high oral content and pupils are encouraged to be active and independent learners.

French is the main Modern Language taught, starting in the Kindergarten and continuing through the Pre-Prep, Junior and Middles Schools to the Senior School where it is required as a subject for many Senior School Entry Examinations.

In Year 6, pupils have the opportunity to learn Spanish, German and Italian. This gives them an insight into other cultures and languages and helps them when choosing another Modern Language to learn at Senior School. Mandarin Club is also available to pupils in Years 4 to 8. In addition, Spanish is taught to our Year 8 pupils after their Senior School examinations.

Head and Shoulders

The love of language learning, which we hope to engender in all our pupils, will be invaluable to them in their future lives. Communicating in another language, whether on holiday or at work, is a most useful as well as a highly satisfying experience.