Mathematics is the basis for everything. Knowledge of the subject is fundamental to all stages of any child’s education while at school and also beyond. By the time the boys leave the school they will all have been exposed to a wide variety of topics which will enable them to cope with the more demanding requirements of the senior school syllabus.

All of the pupils at the school work at a level that is right for them. We recognise that not all our pupils find the subject easy, but we also know that even the weakest boys do have strengths within the syllabus. Some pupils, who find the subject hard, are placed in smaller classes. Within these classes we try to highlight the positives and through encouragement and conscientious teaching, progress is made.

The more able pupils are given the opportunity to be stretched. Extension materials exist in all year groups and those who are most able will be encouraged to push themselves at all times. With appropriate guidance, Senior School Scholarships are the ultimate target.

From Reception to Year 8 we have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The pre-prep staff will ensure that the basic skills are in place by the time the pupils enter the junior school at Year 3. From Reception to Year 5 boys will follow the National Curriculum and use appropriate texts. In Years 6 to 8 we take the development onto the next level towards our main aim of the 13+ Entrance Examinations. As the standard of these exams is above National Curriculum we need to tailor our teaching materials and methods accordingly.

Boys at St. Martin’s achieve excellent results in the 13+ examinations. We believe that all pupils should be able to do well in this subject and realise their potential. They do.