‘Coding is the new literacy’ – so says a whole raft of websites and individuals across the World Wide Web and the world at large. The UK is at the forefront of this movement, demonstrated by new changes to the National Curriculum which now presents Computer Science as an integral part of every child’s learning – in addition to the study of Information Technology and Digital Literacy. With this is mind it is vital that our boys are equipped ‘to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world’. This is a hugely exciting time to study ICT and Computing, with a wide array of exciting and stimulating resources available (mostly for free) on the Web. Our boys have the opportunity to use many of these in both their lessons and their own free time; during lunch-time and after-school clubs. Through the use of various block-based languages (Espresso Coding, Code Studio and Scratch) as well as Javascript in Senior years, our boys are given a firm grounding in the fundamentals and skills of computer programming in a fun and stimulating environment.

We upgrade hardware and software regularly to keep up with this fast moving environment and the software available is tailored to meet the requirements of the different age groups in the School. There are two full class capacity computer suites with interactive SMART boards connected in all classrooms. While ICT is taught as a subject in its own right, we encourage its extended use with the staff to enhance the boys’ learning in the classroom. In the Pre-Prep and Junior Sections, the award-winning Espresso digital learning service is used regularly to enrich lessons. With an online VLE system our boys’ facility for learning doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom and we recently set up a multi-media room with a green screen facility to inspire learning creatively.