Geography is about the environment around us and how it affects us and how we affect it. Virtually every aspect of our lives is affected by it, from the location of our nearest supermarket to tsunamis in Asia and flooding on the Somerset Levels.

From an early age the boys are taught about their local environment, developing essential geographical skills and exploring differing values concerning the management of it. In doing so, the boys’ and other people’s opinions and stereotypes are challenged, which in turn makes the boys think for themselves. This gives them the freedom to develop their own informed opinions and give them the confidence to defend them.

A wide range of techniques are employed to stimulate the boys’ interest in the world around them. Use of ICT, geographical enquiry and fieldwork all enable the boys to see and experience the world first hand, while also enabling them to emphasise with the different peoples around the world and experience the impact of decisions made on the lives of others.

We live in a world where the management of our environment is becoming increasingly critical, as our climate changes, natural resources are depleted, coastal and river flooding wreaks havoc on many communities, congestion continues to increase. The study of Geography gives the boys the skills and knowledge to tackle these problems so that our problems of today do not become their catastrophes of tomorrow. In summary, Geography at St Martin’s will not only give boys the knowledge to pass 13+ exams, but also give them the knowledge, understanding and skills to act responsibly as global citizens now and in their adult lives.