Old Boys’ reunion

On Saturday 29th September an Old Boys’ reunion took place at St. Martin’s School in Northwood which was attended by about 250 former pupils and staff. The current Year 7 and 8 pupils showed them around the school so that they could see all of the changes. Two of the visitors were 84 years old , but previous pupils of all ages enjoyed sharing their memories of St Martin’s. It was a fabulous day, with a great deal of laughter and reminiscing.

Daniel Simons (1979 – 85) commented, “I will always look back on my time here with a great deal of love and affection.”

Daniel Bronson (1986 – 91) said, “It was a good day to step back down memory lane. The school seems a lot bigger because of all the new buildings, and a lot smaller because I am a lot bigger.”

The St. Martin’s Year 7 and 8 pupils loved listening to the anecdotes and showing the visitors around their school. Dhruv Sarin in Year 8 said, “It was amazing to show the old boys around the ‘new’ school and to see their reactions.” Alex Cohen in Year 8 agreed, “It was so entertaining to hear 90 years of school boys exchanging stories.”

Later in the year St. Martin’s School will continue its anniversary celebrations with a quiz for the Y5 – 8 boys, the Bugsy Malone musical and a 1920s ball. There will also be a special concert with performances from former and current pupils.

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