Years 1 and 2 (ages 6-7)

Developing ability

Building on the Early Years Foundation Stage, boys move on to study literacy and numeracy in a more structured learning environment. We promote a love of reading, using phonics as a starting point. This is enhanced through regular handwriting practice. We nurture their increasing curiosity about the world around them and introduce a broader curriculum, such as Art, Music, Humanities and Science.

Growing confidence

A caring and respectful attitude towards adults and peers is cultivated through effective personal skills. St Martin’s boys learn to be well-mannered, confident and articulate individuals in a happy environment.

Extra-curricular facilities

Pupils are encouraged to join in more than just classroom activities. Team, musical and extra-curricular opportunities extend the boys’ experience of school life.

Pupils are confident and able to articulate their ideas coherently. They listen to one another attentively and ask perceptive questions of their teachers.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

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