Our values

Our family community is the basis on which St Martin’s educates and nurtures. Our governors, teachers, pupils and parents work together to recognise skills, develop potential, support and care for each boy throughout his time with us. As a multi-cultural family we encourage our boys to understand and value the best in every contribution.

Confident citizens

All aspects of the St Martin’s teaching programme are designed to develop self-confidence and inner belief in our pupils. We know that these qualities give them the ability to seize opportunity when it arises, make intelligent decisions based on their own perception and drive them on to greater success.

Involved in the community

Each boy will become involved in appropriate community projects throughout his time at St Martin’s. This helps widen their perception of the world around them and expands their sense of responsibility. The school generously supports charity events and every year the harvest festival supports the work of the New Hope Trust Watford which cares for homeless, unemployed and needy people in our community.

The best start in life

There is nothing more valuable than a good education or as precious as a happy child. We take this seriously at St Martin’s and feel privileged to have the opportunity to use our wealth of teaching experience, exceptional facilities and unique attitude towards well-balanced learning to turn so many promising young boys into responsible, caring young men with a taste for success, ready for the next stage of their education.

Outstanding facilities

Enthusiasm for new challenges is encouraged at St Martin’s; our superb facilities offer the opportunity for boys to try everything early on, from sports activities to science, arts and computing. Information technology is an integral part of the syllabus from an early age and a high degree of computer literacy is supported across the entire curriculum.

Dedicated to achievement

At St Martin’s, boys are expected to achieve their full potential. We recognise this is different for each boy in each discipline. By dedicating time and effort, we establish where each individual boy needs support and where they have key skills and raw talent. We can then determine how best to help each boy discover the pleasure of achievement.

Committed to family values

Pastoral care is given a high priority and each form teacher takes primary responsibility for their pupils’ social development. Every child becomes a member of one of the school patrols and experiences the excitement of inter-patrol competitions throughout the year. This encourages teamwork across the age groups and introduces children to the responsibilities of caring for each other.

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