Early years (ages 3-5)

Building strong foundations

The boys in Kindergarten and Reception enjoy learning through play. They are guided to listen, observe and ask questions to harness their curiosity. We also encourage pupils to initiate some of their own learning. Boys absorb the basic principles of language, begin reading and commence number work.

Enjoying early success

St Martin’s develops boys’ inter-personal skills as they learn to collaborate and co-operate with their peers. Our experienced teachers also help instil a sense of responsibility and respect.

A stimulating environment

Our dedicated Early Years facilities include bright, spacious classrooms, a playground, kitchen and library. Information technology is an integral part of our teaching. The French language is introduced in the Kindergarten

Provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage is good with many outstanding features. It fulfils its aims to provide the boys with a breadth of education and experience in a safe and friendly environment.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

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