About St Martin’s

To provide boys, aged 3-13, with the breadth of education and experience for them to realise their full potential at school in a safe and friendly environment, and to be well prepared for future life.

Key Principles

The school to have a happy, friendly atmosphere as well as a fair, secure, disciplined framework for learning.

The boys to receive an all-round education to develop the whole person, by the provision of sporting, artistic, musical and academic opportunities.

The teaching to be of the highest quality, including the best of traditional and contemporary approaches, to enable the boys to fulfil their potential.

Communication between parents, headmaster, staff and boys to be of paramount importance at all stages of school life.

While preserving the fundamental Christian ethos of the school in its present multi-cultural mix, to cultivate mutual tolerance and understanding of other faiths.

The buildings, facilities and resources to be of a high standard, safe and suitable for today’s needs.

Good relations with the local community to be fostered and, where appropriate, joint projects to be developed and school facilities to be made available.


Focus on achievement

St Martin’s offers a wide range of core and specialist teaching. Class sizes are small to ensure each pupil benefits from the best possible attention and support. All facilities, including sport and performing arts, are within our own grounds. We know that academic success is very important and we strive to ensure that every boy achieves his best.

A nurturing environment

Pastoral care is given a high priority with all teachers nurturing pupils’ social development. There is a community atmosphere within the whole school, which is reinforced when pupils join Patrols in Year 3. Our popular Inter-Patrol activities encourage teamwork and introduce children to the responsibilities of supporting their peers. The school values the qualities of courtesy, sportsmanship and consideration of others.

An outstanding team

Our teachers are motivated, inspirational and creative. They are focused on bringing out the talents and abilities of each boy, fostering his strengths and stimulating his appetite for learning. Effective communication between the school and home ensures that there is a positive working partnership.

A friendly and caring school

Pupils enjoy expanding their experiences beyond the classroom. You can learn more by visiting the News and Community pages on our website.

The overall achievement of the pupils is excellent and successfully fulfils the school’s aim of enabling boys to reach their potential.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

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