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St Martin’s School won the overall SATIPS (Support and Training in Prep, Primary and Senior Schools) poetry competition and all three categories of Years 7/8, Years 5/6 and Years 3/4. All the winners in each category were awarded Amazon vouchers. Judge and writer, David Caddy said, “Overall the outstanding school in all the three categories was St Martin’s School, Northwood. Congratulations to all the students and teachers on their great work.”

In the Year 8 category, David commented that Krish D’s, Night Time Terror, was a “highly atmospheric poem written in six quatrains. Here the reader is drawn into the world of a terrifying storm with the inanimate objects of the house bouncing around petrified. This unusual poem showed good language use.” Special mention was also made of Year 8 Dylan B’s, Creak Creak Croak, “which employed pithy and precise lines in six tercets about an old sofa,” whilst Nishaan P’s, “beguiled us with the exploration of colour and Jenson A’s, “conveyed a range of sound conveying compact rhyme and metre in four tight quatrains.”

The boys in the Years 5 and 6 category also distinguished themselves, with Anish L and Oscar W reaching the long list twice. Anish’s, Joys of Spring won the second prize, “with its seemingly effortless eight quatrains celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of spring, whilst his commemorative poem was written in “seven quatrains of rhyme and metre.” Oscar’s poem was evocative, “culminating in Demeter running to embrace Persephone.”

Krishay V won the Year 3/4 category with Mysterious Monster, a visual poem which used, “compacted alliteration throughout the body of the monster, combined with fiery words emanating from its mouth.” Rishi G’s poem, Paint is Fun, “cast its spell by drawing the reader into its world through the sheer simplicity and accuracy of its language within the exuberant world of having fun with paint.”

When asked how he would like to spend his Amazon voucher, Krishay replied, “I’m not sure what I will get with the £25 prize, maybe a present for my parents.”

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