Peter Pan literally flies in the Woodroffe Hall

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Peter Pan is the story of a boy who never wanted to grow up and our parents and friends of the school were transported to his home in Neverland by the boys in Years 7 & 8 as they performed this year’s play in the Woodroffe Hall on 16-18 of March.

Our audiences were delighted by the opening as the Darling family sang and danced their way around their Victorian Kensington home. The children, Wendy (Veer S), Michael (Yaash P) and John (Ali Y) waited excitedly for the arrival of Peter Pan (Ishaan K) and his mischievious fairy, Tink (Ethan W) whilst their parents, Mr Darling (Rohan H) and Mrs Darling (Garv G) tried in vain to maintain order. The family nursemaid, Nana (Ayman H), a large sheepdog, guarded the children in her care with the help of the maid (Imran K). The three children believed in fairies and childhood dreams and the magic began as they flew across the rooftops to Neverland.

The lost boys were waiting for them, led by Tootles (Rahul S) and Nibs (Aadam H) and as Wendy arrived to be their new mother, they built her a house in the woods and listened to childhood stories that they had never heard from their own parents because, having fallen out of their prams as babies, they had been carried off to Neverland, where they lived in the forest. They were protected by the Indian Chief (Aman G), his daughter, Tiger Lily (Gursimar P) and their war-like tribe, who defended them against the wicked pirates.

This swashbuckling crew, led by the very terrible, Captain Hook (Kai W), sailed the seas in search of a mother of their own. First mates, Smee (Asad M) and Starkey (Zahid A-R) led the crew in songs and dances as they plotted to poison Peter Pan and capture Wendy to be their own mother. Hook was finally devoured by a crocodile (Zia D) who had followed him hungrily around the seven seas.

The show contained exciting sword play, lively music, entertaining dances, amazing costumes and make up, brilliant scenery, and flying heroes. However, above all was the firm belief that childhood is a magical time when we can enjoy our dreams and live through our fantasies, because the time arrives all to soon when, ”There is too much responsibility involved in being a man”. This is a play for young and grown up children alike and I would like to say a huge “thank you” to all the staff who helped to make this exciting adventure come true.

Ms A O’Farrell-Bernays

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