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Popular children’s author, Pete Johnson judged Chorleywood Bookshop writing competition from a short list compiled by a retired teacher, Penny Pugh. An Animal theme was used this year, with the Key Stage 2 entries writing about an animal character from a book that they would like in their life and the Key Stage 3 producing their own fable.

Sheryl Shurville, the owner of Chorleywood Bookshop attended an assembly on Wednesday 5th July with Penny Pugh to present the prizes. They commented upon the high level of creativity within the school, which won overall First and Second prizes in both the Key Stage 2 and the Key Stage 3 categories.

Pete Johnson wrote, “What a pleasure it was reading the competition entries. They were so well written. After considerable deliberation – below are the winners:

Key Stage 3

1st Prize – The Leopard and the Cheetah by Vishal Mistri in Year 8. This was gripping and extremely well-paced – a powerful and wise ending.

2nd Prize – The Tiny Helper by Akash Thakrar in Year 8. The fable was fluent and vivid, with a moving ending.

Highly Commended – The Mouse and the Rat by Ali Yaqoob in Year 8 was beautifully written and highly original.

Key Stage 2

1st Prize – My Pet from a Book by Shaan Purohit in Year 5. This was full of wonderful details about Bagheera. It was also great fun and thought provoking too.

2nd Prize – General Marchmouse from Dillan Shah in Year 6. The account was bubbling with fun, vividly showing how this character would enliven his life.”

None of the boys from St Martin’s School knew that they were winners when they walked into the assembly. Akash Thakrar said, “It felt spectacular to receive the award. When my name was called, at first I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly, I was so surprised and over joyed!”

Vishal Mistri claimed, “It felt amazing to win the KS 3 competition; I never expected it. When writing the fable, I tried to make the idea thought-provoking.”

Nine year old Shaan Purohit’s muse was from Jungle Book. “I had the idea because I am a Hindu and Bagheera lived in India.”

Dillan Shah chose General Marchmouse because, “he was such a fun character.”

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