Pulling together for this year’s charity, The Leprosy Mission

– Community

Every year we choose a charity to support and this year it is The Leprosy Mission.  To find out more about this disease which is associated with poverty, following this link: http://www.leprosymission.org.uk/


On Monday 21 March, our Charity Day, the boys had a mufti day and took part in a tug-of-war with Churchill winning the competition.  Alisia O’Sullivan visited from The Leprosy Mission and explained to the boys and staff, the harmful effect of this disease and the impact it has on communities. The boys learnt their money can make a real difference


The St Martin’s community is proud to make donations to this worthy charity and the boys will continue to be ‘champions of charity’, showing compassion to those less fortunate than themselves.


Ms O’Sullivan thanked the School for making her feel so welcome.  “It was a real pleasure to share information about our work with Pre-Prep and Main School and to be able to answer their many questions.  It was also good to be shown around the school by three proud and confident young men who were a great testament to the teaching and ethos of the school.”

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