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Food for Thought

On Wednesday 4th May, Sheryl Shurville and Penny Pugh from Chorleywood Bookshop came to the assembly at St Martin’s School in Northwood to announce the results of the creative writing competition.

Pupils were invited to write on the topic of Food, with 541 taking part in the Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire areas. St Martin’s School was recognised four times.

Menus were designed and illustrated in the KS 2 category to reflect a character in a book. In first place as the overall winner was 10 year old, Krish Chandaria. The author judge Ross Welford said, “This menu has its own style and quirks and Krish manages to parody this perfectly with some disgusting sounding dishes and ingredients, which included unicorn blood, dragon breast and frozen fish eyes. Yuk! I especially liked the dessert: Death by chocolate (Guaranteed). This was well written and thought out, backed up by careful design.”

Krish said, “Writing the menu was great fun and I had no idea that I was going to win. As they announced my name, I felt a surge of adrenaline go through me.”

In second place was Ishaan Raithatha. Ross Welford wrote, “The runner up also had gore in mind, with a menu created for Roald Dahl’s, The Witches. Some of the dishes were very unappealing indeed, such as ‘Fried frogs’ legs with a crushed eyeball dip’ and ‘olives stuffed with human liver,’ neither of which will be making it to your local Nando’s any time soon. Other items were less complicated: I liked ‘cat casserole’ and to drink, ‘just bleach.’ Very imaginative.”

Ishaan was delighted and said, “I really enjoyed writing the menu and designing the front cover. When I grow up I would like to go into the arts.”

Young adults’ author Teri Terry awarded 12 year old Ali Yaqoob second place in the 11 – 16 category for his writing on Food which was, “A truly excellent use of the senses to invoke memory, giving a real sense of character and empathy for her situation.”

Ali said, “It was amazing that Teri Terry read my story, especially as I grew up reading her books.”

(Ali has also been shortlisted in the BBC 500 Words story competition.)

Manav Ponnekanti in Y8 was Highly Commended for, “A repulsive feast, maggots and all, is treasure to a rat: the message of excessive waste gets across without being too preachy.”

Manav commented, “The main inspiration for my story was my own fridge at home. I noticed how much food was simply going in the bin.”

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