Ethan and Dylan are Wicked Writers

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Dylan Patel and Ethan Williams were short-listed for the Wicked Young Writers awards ceremony at the Apollo Theatre. This is Dylan’s account of the day.

The luminous green lights blinded my eyes as I entered the grand Apollo theatre, cushioned black seats were aligned perfectly in curving rows. Feeling excited, I took my seat with the other finalists and eagerly waited for the prestigious award ceremony to begin.  

Gaby Roslin, the presenter, outlined the course of the next two hours. We applauded as an actress from the Wicked Musical took her place on stage and began singing one of the songs. The claps and cheers echoed across the auditorium as she sung with power and passion. As she departed the West End stage, the judges appeared including Cressida Cowell, author of the award winning series, How to train your dragon. 

 We were all asked to create ‘Haiku’ poem. A Haiku’ consists of 3 lines, the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables and the third line has 5.  I was amazed as people came up with fantastic lines in half a minute! We then each devised a poem, where each line began with I am’. This was an interesting and enjoyable task where we described ourselves, our favourite things and what makes us unique. One of my lines were  I am the roaring red Ferrari speeding along the race track’. 

The most nerve cracking moment soon came, the result of the Wicked Young Writer award in the 8-10 category. This was jointly won by 2 girls, their stories were read out aloud by ‘Wicked cast members. This captured all our attention and not a whisper could be heard.  

 The highlight of the day for me was when all 120 finalists from around the UK were allowed to stand on the west end stage, the sensation was incredible and surreal. I felt as if I was an actor performing in front of hundreds of people. The inspiring day came to an end with something that I had never dreamed of, my first ever published story in the ‘Wicked Young Writer Awards Anthology’ was gifted to me. 

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