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As St Martin’s converts its second ICT suite to use iPads, the school was able to donate the old PCs to ‘Computers 4 Africa’. The PCs will be wiped before they are dispatched.

Computers 4 Africa is a registered charity operating as a social enterprise.  Their mission is to help lift Africa out of the poverty trap by equipping the next generation to work in a global environment. This is the 21st century version of “….teach a man to fish…..”.

At their central processing unit in Kent they receive working redundant computers through collections and local donations from around the UK.

Beneficiaries pay a contribution towards the cost of preparing and shipping the equipment – but at the best price available in their locality. In this way they make modern IT available to those that would otherwise never get to use a computer in their years at school. Computers 4 Africa targets the poorest causes by donating 10% of the computers we send out.

St Martin’s is delighted to be able to help in a small way by donating our used computers which we hope will make a difference.


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