The Music Man plays at St Martin’s

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This year Meredith Willson’s ”The Music Man” was our chosen production. The Woodroffe Hall was transformed into “River City” and we were treated to a fabulous 1912 set designed and built by Mr Manthorp, ably assisted by Mr Price and Mr Dobson.

The suave crook Harold Hill who eventually “got his foot caught in the door” by the lovely Marian Paroo played by Oscar Khan, was Vincent Mastin who amazed us by his ability to learn so many spoken lines as well as songs. His character persuaded the stubborn Iowan citizens to part with their money to produce a boys’ band and in true musical style, everything ended happily. Henry Gadsdon played the Irish-American Mrs Paroo desperate for her daughter to win a husband. Maccon Forsyth played the shy Winthrop Paroo, finding his confidence eventually with a silver trumpet. Millan Dhawan was convincing as Mayor Shinn who did not trust Harold Hill, ably complimented by Rohan Verma, his wife Eulalie. The town gossips, the “Pick a Little Ladies” were transformed into beautiful ladies and were played by Adam Amrani, Sophien Amrani, Rohan Kothari and Sajan Sandhu. The School Board transformed into a “Barber Shop Quartet” played by Manas Madan, Shaan Patel, Arun Herai and Tej Shah. They surprised themselves by realising that they actually could sing!


Tayin Lakhani in the role of the sceptical salesman Charlie Cowell saw through Harold’s deception, but could not convince Marian that she should not trust him. Manav Sharma depicted the role of Marcellus Washburn, Harold’s only friend. He led the cast in “Shipoopi” proving that boys can dance when they have to! All the main parts were backed up by a large cast of singers, dancers and actors from Years 7 and 8 who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to perform.

Sound and light were expertly provided by Mrs Carter, Mrs Raithatha, Miss Finn and Miss Longstaff. Mrs Williams as usual was in charge backstage and ensured that everything was in the right place at the right time.


We were delighted to welcome back “old boy” Elliott Kraftman who played drumkit for us with his usual skill and imagination which really helped me to enhance the musical aspect of this production.

Choreographer Mrs Murray taught the boys some complex moves which they demonstrated with clear enjoyment. Co-ordinating the whole production was Director Ms Heath who should be congratulated on staging a memorable show.

Once again rehearsals and performances were great fun and I would also like to thank all the staff and parents who gave their support in the background to enable this show to be another great success.

Mrs Elizabeth Harris
Musical Director



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