Papa Bear Comes To A Sticky End

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The Year 3 and 4 boys stirred up a treat as there was crime afoot in Nursery Land. There’s a caseload of mysteries to be solved! Who’s stolen Mother Hubbard’s recipe book? Who’s kidnapped Marigold the cow? And what dirty secret is Papa Bear hiding behind his Porridge Empire? It’s down to Private Detective Jackie Spratt to uncover the terrifying truth in this tale of mystery, mayhem and breakfast cereal!

Each class had the opportunity to depict a scene with six Jack Spratts, Papa Bears as well as Mother Hubbards and Simple Simons. The investigation could have been affected by a case of mistaken identity. There was no chance of that, as the costume changes were seamless and the acting was of the highest order. The puns were delivered with comic timing and all the boys in the Junior department thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

To coordinate such a high class performance takes a great deal of effort and skill, so a huge thank you to all the junior staff for their time and commitment in making the production such a success.

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