Eco Committee Aim for Green Flag

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On Friday 27th February, Mr Lloyd, the Chairman of the Three Rivers Council visited St. Martin’s School in Northwood. He was a former pupil at the school.

He participated in the first assembly presented by the Eco Committee, which was about energy saving within the school, by turning off lights, computers, interactive Smart boards, as well as closing doors and windows. Mr Lloyd endorsed these points and encouraged the older pupils to walk to school or travel on public transport whenever possible. He also spoke about his role, the Chain of Office and what it represents.

St. Martin’s School has already gained the bronze and silver awards which follow environmental themes ranging from litter and waste to healthy living and bio diversity. The school is now aiming to achieve the internationally recognised and externally assessed Green Flag Award.


In June the Eco Committee, led by Mrs Naomi Wood, will visit the Lakeside Waste Centre which generates electricity and processes waste.

Mr Lloyd showed great interest in his tour around St. Martin’s with Mansukhdeep and Timi, as he witnessed the changes in the school.

Mansukhdeep in Year 8 said, “I enjoyed hearing Mr Lloyd talk about how the school was different in the old days. When he looked at the scholarship boards it brought back memories of himself and his class mates.”

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