Dylan makes friends with Pure Evil

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Dylan contacted Pure Evil after learning about the correct letter lay-out in Year 5 English. In the summer holiday he conducted some research on the artist Pure Evil and he managed to find his email address on his website. He decided to write a formal letter to Pure Evil and he said, “It really made my day when I got a letter back.”
Dylan’s interest in Pure Evil was first triggered about a year ago when his father bought a limited edition print by bidding for it in a charity auction. He followed this through by visiting the gallery with his mother and sister. Surprisingly Pure Evil was there and Dylan was impressed by his kindness. He even delayed a BBC interview to talk to them.
He said, “The first time I went to the gallery I really wanted the Snoopy picture but it needed a bit of fixing.”
Dylan corresponded with Pure Evil and he was amazed when he was offered the repaired Snoopy picture at a tenth of the expected £400 price. Today he said, “I was exhilarated when Pure Evil made such a generous offer. Yesterday I had the painting framed. It is the only one in the world and I got it for just £40.”
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