Double French Club visit the Emirates Stadium

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On Thursday 26 June, 16 boys from Years 5 and 6 went to the Emirates Stadium as part of the Arsenal Double Club run by Mme Bastien with the assistance of Mr Moore. In the Spring term, the boys enjoyed learning Football language in French and took part in friendly matches organized by Mr Moore, which he conducted in the target language.

We started our visit in the Museum which included the history and achievements of Arsenal. We also went to the Directors’ room, the players’ changing rooms, the interview rooms, the players’ lounge and had the opportunity to sit in the best seats overlooking the pitch. We finished the day with the boys taking part in a quiz in French and receiving certificates and prizes from the Arsenal staff.

It was a great and exciting educational day out promoting languages and we learnt lots of interesting facts, for example, that there are 14 different nationalities in the Arsenal team which reflects our community. Arsène Wenger speaks 6 languages and makes sure that non English speaking players are taught the basics such as greetings, football language and parts of the body so that they can communicate with their team mates, physiotherapist and opponents.

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