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Cooper Kenya School
Last week, it was a pleasure to welcome Michele Cooper back to St Martin’s. She came to tell the boys, at both a Main School and Pre-Prep assembly, about her recent trip to Kilifi in Kenya. As you may remember, boys in the Juniors helped her make up Christmas packs from all the gifts that you kindly brought into school with a Christmas greeting and name of a pupil on each one.

She told us that our gifts totalled an amazing 74 lbs in weight! The delight of each pupil as they were given their pack was almost indescribable. Michele gave St Martin’s a wonderful scrapbook with messages from all the pupils at her school. This book is doing the rounds of all the classrooms but will end up in the Reception area. Do make sure you come in and have a look at it next term.

Our small gifts have had a huge impact on the Cooper Kenya School Community, so thank you once again for your generosity.

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