James’ House resident celebrates 100th birthday

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On Friday 15 November, Mr Lewis, along with Ethan, Alim, Affan, Daniel, Yuvraj and Raffi, walked along Moor Park Road to James House. St Martin’s boys are regular visitors to James House and have already celebrated Mr Povey’s 100th birthday – he is now 101!

What’s the secret of longevity at James House? According to Ethan, the house “was warm and cosy and the staff were very kind and friendly.”
So when we heard that Ms Helen Major was going to celebrate her centenary on Saturday 16 November, we wanted to send her our special birthday greetings. She told Affan that she was looking forward to her special tea party the next day.

Ethan said “when we got there, we talked to the people who were there and we handed Miss Major the chocolates. We had some lovely food which we gobbled down.” The boys sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and then presented her with a special card and a bouquet of flowers. They appreciated the blackcurrant squash, crisps and spring rolls!

The Year 4 boys had plenty of questions to ask Ms Major who has been a resident at James House for six years. Raffi said, “we all asked her different questions and Mr Lewis repeated them to her so she could hear!”

She told Affan and Yuvraj that her favourite sports were netball and swimming and that she had one brother and one sister, both of whom had now died. She had not yet received her card from the Queen because her actual birthday was the next day!

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